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5 Tips for Selling Items on Facebook Marketplace

By Kelly Vandever


Getting ready to move, especially when downsizing, can be hard.

But maybe getting a little cash for your things might make it a little easier to say good-bye!

Here are 5 Tips for Selling Items on Facebook Marketplace!


1 – Post all your items at the same time and when you know you’ll have time to respond

One of the things that surprised me the first time I posted items was how quickly people will hop on a new item for sale.  I was just casually posting one Sunday night and my Facebook Messenger exploded with notifications!  I really wasn’t ready to start responding until the next day. 

And it appears that the FaceBook algorithm prioritizes recent items and multiple items from the same seller. 

People trying to buy things on Marketplace tell stories about missing out on their sought-after item because they were slow to respond.  That also means they’re looking at other items just like yours.

To make sure...

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House Sale Preparation

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How do you prepare yourself for that emotional experience? That’s what we’ll talk about in this video.


I'm Kelly Vandever. I'm a real estate agent in Alpharetta, Georgia, with Keller Williams North Atlanta. Check out more tips on how you can Make Your Move Easier. If you want help selling your home or finding a new one, call me, Kelly, at 770.597.1108.

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