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Do You Have a Spouse or a Parent Who’s Been Diagnosed with Cognitive Impairment?

Uncategorized May 17, 2023

Do You Have a Spouse or a Parent Who’s Been Diagnosed with Cognitive Impairment?

Many of you know me as Kelly Vandever, real estate agent.


But I’m also Jerry Allen’s daughter, and my dad was diagnosed with cognitive impairment in 2017.


If you have a family member who’s been diagnosed with cognitive impairment, maybe you’re feeling like I did. Lost. Overwhelmed. Fearful. Sad.


If you’re just getting started on the journey with your loved one’s cognitive impairment, there’s a lot you need to know.


I’ve recently started sharing my story of what I’m glad I learned and what I’d wished I’d learned when my dad was diagnosed.


I’ve turned that sharing into a webinar to help others navigate their journey.


If you have a family member who’s been diagnosed, please join me for one of my upcoming webinars.


 Check out the upcoming webinar dates!



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Help the Young Adults in Your Life Set Themselves Up for Success!

Uncategorized May 10, 2023

Do you have any young adults between 14-24ish in your life?


Help equip them with knowledge and tools they need to succeed with the Quantum Leap Program!


Saturday, June 24th



Breakfast and Lunch are included.


What is Quantum Leap for Young adults?

QL for Young Adults is an interactive learning experience that helps accelerate their success through proven models and tools that they can implement right away!


What young adults will learn:

Who am I and what do I want my life to be about?

How will I structure my life to support this vision?

What key relationships do I need to support me along the way?

How will I fund my mission so I can make the greatest impact?



Keller Williams North Atlanta Training Center:

5780 Windward Parkway Suite 300

Alpharetta GA 30005


Cost: FREE - a $25 donation for KW Kids Can is appreciated!


Register here!

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Did You Know There Are Real Estate Agents that Specialize in the Needs of Home Buyers and Sellers Who Are 50 Plus?

What is the capital gains tax for seniors selling their home?

Do you know why downsizing in retirement might be a terrible idea?

When should seniors sell their home?

We’re Special

For those of us over 50 thinking about buying a house or selling a home, there are different questions we need to ask. Different than when we were earlier in our careers.

Luckily, there are real estate agents, like me, who are specialize in the needs of home buyers and sellers who are 50 plus.

Hi – I’m Kelly Vandever, and I’m a Senior Real Estate Specialist®.

As a Senior Real Estate Specialist®, I have unique training and experience to help my clients over 50.

My Story

My dad was diagnosed with cognitive impairment, then dementia.

I’ve lived through having to figure out when it was no longer safe for him to live alone and hired an agent in Florida to sell his house.

I’ve dealt with the logistical and emotional challenges of moving a parent.

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Aging in Place - Proactive Tips for Mitigating Fall Risks

Uncategorized Feb 02, 2023

By Mary Block


According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, more than 25 % of adults age 65 and older fall and double their risk of falling again after the first event. Here are some helpful tips to guide you safely through 2023 


Practice getting up! It sounds unnecessary, but as we age, we lose agility and strength in our minor muscle groups. Those smaller, supportive fibers play a big role in how well we can balance ourselves. In addition to performing balance-boosting exercises to strengthen those fine muscle systems, position yourself flat on the floor, and develop a physical strategy for getting back up. Roll into a stable position, move onto all fours, then approach the nearest anchored object for leverage. If you routinely practice these moves, muscle memory will enable you to lessen your risk of falling a second time as you rise.  


Improve bathroom safety! 60% of falls occur in the bathroom,...

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Baby Boomers, Gen Xers Staying Put

By Elyse Umlauf-Garneau

Many expect that when people reach a certain age, they’ll want to sell their homes and
downsize. But a recent Bank of America survey found that 70% of homeowners between the ages of 45 and 76 have decided to stay put and age right where they are.

After all, 78% say they like their current home and see no reason to move, and 22% have put so much work into their existing property that they want to stay.

Some reasons for remaining in their current property for aging in place among those who’ve not yet retired include avoiding high home prices and interest rates (32%) and benefiting from their current low mortgage payment or a paid-off home (20%). After all, 78% say they like their current home and see no reason to move, and 22% have put so
much work into their existing property that they want to stay.

In addition, about 95% of current mortgage holders have loans with rates of 5% or less, making them hesitant about giving up their low mortgage rates.


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Comparing the Atlanta Metro Real Estate Market in December 2022 to Pre-Pandemic Markets of 2016 & 2019

By: Kelly Vandever
How does real estate in 2022 compare with real estate in 2016 & 2019? Check out the info above!
Wonder how this impacts buying your first house? Wonder how it impacts selling your current house and buying a new one?
Call me, Kelly, at 770-597-1108. Let's talk!
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Rule of Thumb for Getting Rid of Things #2 - Image Moving to a Tiny Assisted Living Apartment

By: Kelly Vandever


One huge challenge in making a move, especially for those of us who’ve been alive more than 50 years, is what to do with all your stuff.   


Over several posts, I’ll be sharing some rules of thumb that I’ve learned. 


Rule of Thumb #2 for Getting Rid of Things  


Rule of Thumb #2 for getting rid of things is to decide what you would want to move if you had to move into a small, assisted living apartment. 




Maybe you won’t ever need assisted living.  We all hope and pray not.   


But if you do or if you’re like me and you have a parent with cognitive or physical issues, asking the question, “What would I want if I had to move into a tiny, assisted living apartment?” will help you get down to the nitty gritty, bare bones of the matter, and forces us to get very focused and very specific....

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Rule of Thumb for Getting Rid of Things Purge Paper and Other Data

Uncategorized Nov 23, 2022

By: Kelly Vandever


Earlier this year, I helped my dad relocate from Florida to be near me. One of our biggest challenges was getting rid of the things that wouldn’t fit into his small apartment. It was overwhelming. I found the same thing when working with some of my older clients. They wanted to sell their homes and got overwhelmed with all the stuff and how to get rid of their things. I started collecting good ideas from I’ve come across or that I’ve learned from my clients when it comes to getting rid of stuff. In the next few posts, I’ll share my top rules of thumb for getting rid of things either for yourself or when helping your aging parents downsize their stuff.   


First Rule of Thumb – #1 – Paper Purge 

 My dad had documentation from when he and mom first got married.  Bank statement from accounts closed in the 60’s or 70’s. Of course, the apple...

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What to Fix and What Not to Fix When Preparing Your Home to Sell

By: Kelly Vandever


What should you consider fixing when getting your house ready to sell? If you want to sell your house quickly and for the most money, there are things you can do that will help that happen. If you have the cash to spend, putting it into your house in the right ways will make it more attractive to more buyers, resulting in you selling faster and for a bigger profit. The longer a house sits, the more the price goes down.  Price it realistically, and you’ll be able to get it sold even without repairs.  But go too high in your pricing for the condition, and it will take forever. Let’s talk about what to fix and what not to fix when preparing your home to sell.


1. Clean

If you hate cleaning, hire someone to do it for you. A super clean house is the best thing you can do regardless of anything else you do. Bathrooms, baseboards, furniture, nooks and crannies, get them clean. No one wants to purchase a house that...

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3 Tips to Emotionally Prepare Before Selling Your Home

By: Kelly Vandever


As humans, we don’t have to be hoarders to be attached to our stuff. And a house is no
exception. We’ve all heard the expression, “home is where the heart is”, but what do you do when the time comes to sell your home? Especially when you’ve lived in your home 20 or more years. How do you prepare yourself for that difficult experience? In the real estate world, agents sometimes refer to the buying or selling of a home as a transaction. But to the person selling the home, the sale is so much more than that. In this blog, we’ll be discussing three tips to emotionally prepare yourself before selling your home.

1. Remember your goals

You decided to move for a reason. I’ve had clients where declining health was what lead them to decide to move. They didn’t want to move, but they knew it was the right thing to
do. Remind yourself why you’re moving, and share your why with family, friends,...

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