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To get licensed as a real estate agent, you first need to successfully complete a 75-hour real estate course.  Great news!  Through the Successful Career Opportunities in Real Estate program, you may be eligible for a scholarship from Keller Williams for this 75-hour course!

The real estate class is provided through Kaplan and is 100% online.  The course is self-paced, and you have up to 6 months to complete.


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Pros and Cons of Being a Real Estate Agent

Looking for a new career? Wondering if you should become a real estate agent? Consider these pros & cons.


You are your own boss. 

If you need a flexible schedule, which is one of the reasons I chose real estate, you've got it.  You decide what hours you work, when you take time off, and how you want your business to look. 

Limitless earnings potential 

There is the opportunity to earn more than you thought possible with a career in real estate.  Depending on how hard you work and your ability to leverage your time and resources, there's no one to put a ceiling, glass or otherwise, on how much you can earn. 

Never the same thing twice 

While you may work with the same client more than once, each time you work with a client is different.  Each property is unique.  Each client is unique.  The client's needs are unique.  The person on the other side of the transaction is unique.  Agents say it all the time, "I learn something new every time."  


You are your own boss. 

If there is work to be done, if you want to earn a living, you have to do it.  There's no one handing you sales leads.  There's no one holding you accountable.  If it's to be, it's up to you to make it happen. 

There's not a steady paycheck 

While there's no ceiling to your earnings, there's no floor either.  It's possible to spend money being a real estate agent and not earn a predictable, steady income, especially in the early years. 

Evolving industry 

There have been a lot of changes happening in the real estate industry the last several years.  Constantly changing markets. Downward pressure on commissions.  Algorithms built to replace the interactions with real estate agents.  A plethora of information available at the fingertips that explain everything homebuyers and sellers need to know. It's a bit unnerving. 

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Why Keller Williams:

Real estate is better as part of the Keller Williams family.

"I chose to join KW because of the incredible training opportunities and culture. After attending career day at Keller Williams North Atlanta I felt welcomed into the office and like there were many successful agents who would be willing to answer my questions and mentor me through the start of my real estate career. Also the training calendar was very robust and I knew that if I just showed up and listened I'd become a well trained agent. After being in Keller Williams for nearly four years I can confidently say that the training and relationships in our office have been key components of my success and rapid growth. "

Tim Baird
KW Agent

"Keller Williams has ongoing real estate education at no cost to the agent, so that the agent can offer the best in information, service, positioning, and results for clients."

Elizabeth Edwards
Broker Associate

Keller Williams' Generous Profit Sharing Explained

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What can I do for you? 

Let me help you build a career worth having, a business worth owning, a life worth living, experiences worth giving, and a legacy worth leaving.

This is not a “property” or “money” business. Real estate is definitely a people business. And I love meeting new friends and building lasting connections!


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Love Your Career

It’s the people in your life and in your business that make you successful. To be great, surround yourself with greatness, which is exactly what you have with Keller Williams Realty. Why follow old, outdated business models when there are new, innovative and proven ones that work? There's so much to love about a career in real estate with Keller Williams.

Where do I start?

There's a ton to learn in real estate. When you join Keller Williams, you won't be in it alone! There are so many people in this company to help you along your journey. I hope you'll let me be the person to show you the ropes and teach about what being a Keller Williams real estate agent is all about!

By concentrating on four major components, (Culture, Education, Profit Sharing and Technology) our associates realize their fullest potential, find support to reach their goals and have a true sense of family with their fellow agents.


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