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Did You Know There Are Real Estate Agents that Specialize in the Needs of Home Buyers and Sellers Who Are 50 Plus?

What is the capital gains tax for seniors selling their home?

Do you know why downsizing in retirement might be a terrible idea?

When should seniors sell their home?

We’re Special

For those of us over 50 thinking about buying a house or selling a home, there are different questions we need to ask. Different than when we were earlier in our careers.

Luckily, there are real estate agents, like me, who are specialize in the needs of home buyers and sellers who are 50 plus.

Hi – I’m Kelly Vandever, and I’m a Seniors Real Estate Specialist®.

As a Senior Real Estate Specialist®, I have unique training and experience to help my clients over 50.

My Story

My dad was diagnosed with cognitive impairment, then dementia.

I’ve lived through having to figure out when it was no longer safe for him to live alone and hired an agent in Florida to sell his house.

I’ve dealt with the logistical and emotional challenges of moving a parent.

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Such a Sweet Gift

By: Kelly Vandever

I have the best clients!!!

Artist Sara took a picture of her, Chad and I after closing, melded it together with a picture of their new house, added Daniel the cat to the mix, and created a beautiful painting to commemorate our time together finding this wonderful couple their first home.

My heart swells!!!

I'm so lucky to work with such amazing clients!!! 

Thank you Sara and Chad for allowing me to be a part of this journey!

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House Sale Preparation: The Emotional Side of Selling Your House Even Before It Goes on the Market


By: Kelly Vandever

House Sale Preparation

In the real estate world, agents sometimes refer to the buying or selling of a home a transaction. But to the person selling the home, the sale is so much more than a business transaction. It’s an emotional experience.

How do you prepare yourself for that emotional experience? That’s what we’ll talk about in this video.


I'm Kelly Vandever. I'm a real estate agent in Alpharetta, Georgia, with Keller Williams North Atlanta. Check out more tips on how you can Make Your Move Easier. If you want help selling your home or finding a new one, call me, Kelly, at 770.597.1108.

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Selling Items on Facebook Marketplace


By: Kelly Vandever

Getting ready to move, especially when downsizing, can be hard.

But maybe getting a little cash for your things might make it a little easier to say good-bye!

In this video, I provide the step-by-step of how to get rid of items by selling them on Facebook Marketplace using your phone.

It's super easy!

Plus, follow this link to get 5 Tips for Selling Items on Facebook Marketplace

I'm Kelly Vandever. I'm a real estate agent in Alpharetta, Georgia, with Keller Williams North Atlanta. Watch more videos on how you can Make Your Move Easier whether downsizing, moving to a senior living community, or moving closer to family. If you'd like my help, reach out at 770.597.1108.

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