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3 Tips to Help Sell Your House – Or the House of Your Loved One – When You’re Over 50


Prepare yourself to be insulted.

If you or your loved one is over 50, chances are you’ve collected a few mementos over your lifetime which you have beautifully displayed in your home.

If those items are extremely unique... if they are expressions of deeply held religious or political beliefs...or if you’ve owned them for more than a couple decades, there’s a chance that those items that you love so much, could hurt your ability to sell your house.

I know it’s hard to hear, but when it comes to selling a house, it’s essential that you
depersonalize and genericize your home as much as possible.

Why? Because if people are sending their time looking at your things, they’re not spending time looking at the house.

What’s better is a staged, generic looking house that other people can imagine themselves living in. And the more the home looks like something they’ve seen on HGTV, the better.


Don’t repair everything you think...

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